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Our wine cellar

For more than 25 years, La Bastide Saint-Antoine has been proud to play its part in the development of wine production in the region.
As we’re passionate about the world of wine and its ecosystem, we believe that we must strengthen the deep, ancestral ties that link winemakers to the earth and wine to gastronomy.
We feel both the desire and need to share and promote this heritage in all its diversity and prestige with pride.

And as such, we wanted our selection to be lively and current. The majority of it naturally comes from Provence, but there are also offerings from across the regions of France that constantly work to provide us with the very best of their terroir. 
Equally, the increasing fame of international wines means you can discover some of the best varieties from around the world with us.
As we’re concerned with protecting the environment, we naturally gravitate towards winemakers who have a vision and an approach that fits with this. 

The wine cellar at La Bastide Saint-Antoine boasts 1,000 varieties across 25,000 bottles, allowing you to enjoy all the diversity of that wonderful elixir known as wine.

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