Cuisine et saveurs
Cuisine de saveurs dédiées au Plaisir, au Goût et à la Beauté

Our cuisine brings together a number of ingredients that blend and contrast for the ultimate in taste and aroma, a delight for the eye and palate.

Cuisine et fleurs

Flowers have the same role as herbs and spices,

but also provide their own charming beauty to dishes, adding an unusual flair and flavor, as well as a freshness instantly recognized by the palate, and a healthy dimension, even in the medicinal sense. It also serves as homage to the town of Grasse, renowned as the perfume and flower capital of the world.

Relais et Châteaux
A dish of Mister Chibois

Produits d'exception - Huile d'Olive et Truffes

Two temptations among so many at La Bastide, but Jacques Chibois’ passion for these products is felt and savored throughout the year at La Bastide, particularly at the January truffle market.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil has vintages, just as does wine, with good years and bad years. And, like wine, olive oil is used in the preparation of many dishes, and even desserts.

Jacques Chibois is particularly sensitive to the aromatic dimensions of these oils, subtleties that have been part of culinary traditions across the Mediterranean basin.

  • Truffles

Each year, on the second Saturday in January and in cooperation with the Chamber of Agriculture and the truffle growers’ union, Jacques Chibois organizes a vast truffle market which regularly sees a tremendous turnout. And for 4 months of the year, the “Black Gold” makes its presence felt on the menu. This pearl of the woodlands, the magical apple, this priceless diamond in cuisine can, “on certain occasions, make women more tender and men more lovable,” says Alexandre Dumas. This underground mushroom, known since the dawn of time, piques the human imagination and represents a veritable gastronomic treasure.

The olive oil
The truffle

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